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Hello and welcome to the Ville de Sept-Îles Website. At this time, only this page is available in English in order to provide important information about the city.

Sept-Îles is strategically located on the map of the Americas, more precisely East of the Province of Quebec, in Canada, and has a deep-water port where the commodities and goods necessary to the development of its major industries are transported. The city is also endowed by the beauty and treasures of its territory.

Bordering the 50th parallel, Sept-Îles lies at the heart of the vast area of Duplessis, on the North Shore. With the Laurentian Highlands to the North, Gallix to the West and Moisie to the East, this territory covers 2182 km2… surrounded by the sea.

The city also borders a 45 km2 bay whose entrance is protected by a natural barrier composed of the seven islands that gave the city its name: Grande Basque, Petite Basque, Corossol, Petite Boule, Grosse Boule, Manowin and îlets De Quen. Sept-Îles is home to more than 26 000 souls, or nearly 30 000 including the Innu communities of Uashat mak Mani-Utenam.

  • If you are visiting and wish to become more familiar with the attractions and activities in our area, contact Tourisme Sept-Îles at: 418 962-1238, by email at: or visit their Website at:
  • If you are an investor or a contractor, please refer to Développement économique Sept-Îles by calling 418 962-7677, sending an email at: or visiting their Website at
  • If you have to communicate with the members of the municipal council of the Ville de Sept-Îles, you may dial 418 964-3211 or send an email to:

For any information pertaining to the municipal administration of the Ville de Sept-Îles, you can call the general number 418 962-2525 or send an email to

Thank you and looking forward to welcoming you in our beautiful city!


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